is a Los Angeles-based catering service specializing in modern Japanese cuisine.
From our bento lunches to intimate gatherings and larger events, we combine traditional techniques with local, seasonal ingredients to create fresh and colorful meals that nourish all of the senses.
Local produce.
Pasture-raised meat & eggs.
Sustainable seafood.
Monday through Friday we offer lunch bento delivery to the east side of Los Angeles.
$5 delivery.
Minimum order of $30 per delivery location.

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New bentos.
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sample menus
for gatherings large & small
for full menus & seasonal offerings


soba granola
toasted buckwheat, yogurt, chia, seasonal fruit
avocado lettuce wraps
little gems, kale salad, pickled watermelon radish
dashimaki tamago
japanese rolled omelette, chives or bacon
homemade sesame bagel
negi cream cheese, smoked salmon, pickled cucumber, cilantro pesto
shrimp & grits
anson mills blue corn grits, gulf shrimp, pickled okra, house made hot sauce
seasonal fruit platter
California almonds and dates, seasonal mizuyokan


seasonal vegetable crudités
sesame tofu dip, kabocha miso dip, shiokoji olive oil
sushi rice, smoked Tasmanian ocean trout
tebayaki to shichimi
broiled chicken wings, yuzusco, seven spice
clark st baguette, seasonal toppings
hiyashi steak lettuce wraps
rare grassfed ribeye, daikon oroshi, yuzu ponzu
benne wafers
crispy toasted sesame cookies

ichiju sansai

Meaning “one soup, three dishes,” ichiju sansai is a traditional Japanese meal consisting of a bowl of soup, rice and pickles, one main course, and two side dishes. For groups of 4 to 12, we offer individual ichiju sansai sets prepared from fresh, seasonal ingredients that we can customize to the tastes of you and your guests.
miso shiru
maitake, Meiji tofu, shiro miso
saikyo yaki
grilled local fish, sweet Kyoto miso marinade
goma ae
seasonal greens, sesame miso dressing
seasonal vegetables simmered in dashi, sake, shoyu
California-grown short-grain brown or white rice
pickled seasonal vegetables