Los Angeles is a city of a million shipwrecked souls, each with a unique idea of paradise, airlifted corners of the world assembled block by block in an ageless urban space. In the markets and restaurants of these accidental neighbors I found the homesick spirit of Gorumando, the Japanese pronunciation of gourmand, realizing it was with me all along. My father hails from Osaka, my mother from Philadelphia, and I grew up in the United States a product of this modern blend of wanderlust and nostalgia.

Taking the example of my upbringing, my idea of cooking has always been about creating a sense of place and time, whether it is a Japanese countryside inn or a Turkish fish restaurant on the Bosporus. I live for those meals that capture the uncanny qualities of a faraway place, recreated from memory, and cooked with love. With the help of my partner, cook and photographer Jaimie Lewis, I would like to create a restaurant without walls for a world without borders.

Jeffrey Ozawa
1 June 2015